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Aloe Vera RESCUE GEL with Arnica Montana - 60 ml
Natura & Benessere Aloe Vera RESCUE GEL with Arnica Montana - 60 ml
Aloe Vera RESCUE GEL - Active Recovery from sports fatigue, joint aches & pains, bruising and after bite. more
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From Nature - a natural, quick and simple solution!!!


With the passing of time, our health begins to falter and among the most common diseases there are breathing problems, joint pains, rheumatism and muscle fatigue.


Over time, these disorders occur more and more frequently and require a regular use of anti-inflammatories that can unfortunately cause many side effects, if used carelessly and for an extended period of time.


In these last few years we are witnessing a return to natural products, mainly due to two factors:


1. We are aware that the excessive & careless use of chemicals can damage our health, in addition to being very expensive.


2. Every one of us knows that herbal remedies are an ancient and effective practice to which people have always been appealed to in order to fight daily illness.





· Today we take anti-inflamatory medication for any little pain, attacking the whole body and thereby risking side effects.


· 50 years ago people used to heal any illness by putting herbal packs on the area to be treated, trying to fight the pain from the point in which it has been manifested.


The problem is that today we don’t have the patience to collect herbs and prepare natural remedies at home as in the past...


What would happen if we told you that we now have a natural solution to address this with an incredibly convenient, fast action?


We therefore realized that, to restore ancient remedies to the present, natural products have to be easy to use, comfortable and easily available to all. The result of this is N&B's long and patient research resulting in the Aloe Vera RESCUE GEL .


Aloe Vera RESCUE GEL is a concentration of natural extracts. Thanks to its immediate action it is able to fight small daily diseases in a natural way, just directly applying it on the area where the problem occurs… just as it was common to do so in the past.


Thanks to the presence of many natural extracts well known for their beneficial properties, in particular Arnica, Devil's Claw and Camphor, highly appreciated for their natural anti-inflammatory qualities, as well as the presence of Menthol, organic Rosemary and Sage, it helps to fight against the body's signs of fatigue in a very natural way.


The fresh extract of organic Aloe Vera, organic Olive Oil and Chamomile help soothe possible skin irritations and leave your skin soft and velvety. The skilful combination and the high concentration of natural and organic active ingredients create a very strong hot/cold localized action on the skin surface which is deep penetrating and creates an immediate feeling of natural well-being and lightness on your skin.


To help you better appreciate the effective action of RESCUE GEL, its container is equipped with a roll-on dispenser, making its use practical and immediate.


It will be enough to directly apply the Roll-on on the specific body part that is intended to be treated and use the sphere for a light circular massage for about 1 minute. Then complete the treatment by performing a gentle massage with your hands until fully absorbed.


Aloe Vera RESCUE GEL can be massaged until absorption on the problem areas (For example: Cervical zone, back, arms, legs, knees, joints, muscles) in order to get an immediate sensation of wellness and lightness...


A light application on the chest also allows you to immediately appreciate the extraordinary virtues of balmy herbs, just as it was common to do in the past.


Thanks to its immediate action it can also be used for issues related to sports and physical activity.


Aloe Vera Rescue Gel is very useful even in cases of skin irritation caused by insect bites, since it quickly helps reduce discomfort. Aloe Vera RESCUE GEL, is not a medicinal product, it is a natural cosmetic product for external use that, thanks to the qualities of the natural extracts of which it is composed, is able to improve life’s quality thus becoming an essential instrument for the natural wellness of the whole family.


The strengths of Aloe Vera RESCUE GEL are the ease of use, its natural composition and speed of action. A few seconds will be enough to appreciate the powerful action of its natural active ingredients.


Furthermore, Aloe Vera Rescue Gel is a safe and ethical product, since it is dermatologically tested and not tested on animals. It is also vegan friendly.


Aloe Vera RESCUE GEL: From Nature a natural, quick and simple solution !!





Ingredient  Part Used Activity
Aloe Vera (organic)*  Fresh gel  Decongestant, protective, nourishing
Extravirgin Olive Oil (organic)*  Fruit Emollient, protective, nourishing
Menthol Crystals Crystal  Refreshing - Analgesic
Camphor Essential Oil Warming – Anti-inflammatory -Carrier
Chamomile  Flower  Decongestant – Calming
Sage (organic)*  Leaf Disinfectant and expectorant
Rosmary (organic) *  Leaf Antirheumatic - Balsamic Antirheumatic - Balsamic
Devil's Claw  Dry Extract Antirheumatic - Anti-inflammatory
Arnica Montana  Dry Extract Antirheumatic - Anti-inflammatory
* Extract from certified organic farming    







Aqua, Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract*, Menthol, Camphor, Chamomilla Recutita extract, Salvia

Officinalis extract*, Rosmarinus Officinalis leaf extract*, Olea Europaea fruit extract*,

Harpagophytum Procumbens extract, Arnica Montana extract and maltodextrin,

triethanolamine, Carbomer, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Sodium Benzoate, Linalool, Limonene,


*From Organic Farming




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