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Easy Mask: Technical Studies

Evaluation on the Anti-Ageing and Anti-Wrinkles action of EASY MASK

Date: 03.09.2008

Scientific supervisor : Prof. Dr. Fulvio Marzatico - University of Pavia Investigating specialist : Dr. Michela Quaglini – Dermatologist Dermatologist & Cosmetic studies : Dr. Michela Angelotti – Biologist

The study has been carried in two phases:

  • PHASE 1 : Short term test, evaluation of the efficacy after 1 mask application (1 hour)
  • PHASE 2 : Long term test, evaluation of the efficacy after 6 masks applications (3 weeks)

Nr. Of volunteers: 20, between 30 and 55 years old

Parameters that have been studied and results:

Skin moisturization index

  • After 1 mask (1 hour) :up to +41,6 %
  • After 6 masks (3 weeks) : up to +42,5%

Trans epidermal water loss

  • After 1 mask (1 hour) :up to – 19,9 % -
  • After 6 masks (3 weeks) : up to -32,8% -

Skin elasticity measurement

  • After 1 mask (1 hour) :up to + 22,9%
  • After 6 masks (3 weeks) : up to + 31,7%

Skin profilometry (wrinkles volume- skin wrinkles-skin smoothness- skin complexion-)
Wrinkles volume reduction :

  • After 1 mask (1 hour) : up to 32,5%
  • After 6 masks (3 weeks) : up to 26%

Skin Smoothness

  • After 1 mask (1 hour) : media of the volunteers +27%
  • After 6 masks (3 weeks) : media of the volunteers +45,9%

Skin Wrinkleness reduction

  • After 1 mask (1 hour) : up to 26,4%
  • After 6 masks (3 weeks) : up to 28,9%

Skin Complexion

  • After 1 mask (1 hour) : +27,5%
  • After 6 masks (3 weeks) :+57,5%

Self assessment, evaluation of the Cosmetic results on volunteers

Tolerability: vote 10
Cosmetic acceptability: vote 9,5
Anti Ageing Efficacy: vote 8,5

According to the obtained results EASY MASK has shown the following real effects :

  • A very important increase of SKIN MOISTURIZATION
  • An important increase of SKIN ELASTICITY
  • A very significant reduction of the WRINKLES VOLUME
  • A very significant increase of the skin appearance in terms of SMOOTHNESS and BRIGHTNESS
  • A very significant increase of SKIN COMPLEXION
  • A very significant reduction of SKIN WRINKLENESS
  • 100% of Cosmetic Tolerability has shown a very safe product (vote 10)
  • 100% of Cosmetic Acceptability has shown the very high pleasantness of the treatment (vote 9,5)
  • A very highly significant Cosmetic Efficacy (vote 8,5) has shown the unique power of EASY MASK

Thanks to the above mentioned tests results it is possible to see that EASY MASK is not only a very powerful Anti-Ageing and Lifting product, able to visibly and quickly reduce the effects of the skin Ageing, but it's also a very safe product, able to increase the balance and the appearance of the skin for a very long time.

NOTE: During the 3 weeks treatment the volunteers didn't use any other Anti-Ageing cosmetic product: just EASY MASK.

It is then possible to significantly increase all of the above mentioned results by using EASY CREAM or EASY SERUM during the EASY MASK treatment.

Easy Mask: The Secret

EASY MASK The secrets of a great passion
Before to run into our production cycle, and to explain why it is so important in order to get to the final result, I think it's important to explain that company N&B, since 1988, is Researching and Developing Natural Solutions for a better quality of life. EASY MASK is one of the results of N&B's continuous research, and its incredible and powerful action's been made possible thanks to the very high quality standard of its active ingredients: Aloe Vera, Argan Oil, Jaluronic Acid, Hibiscus Flowers seed extract, Wheat Germ Oil. One of the most important targets we care when we create a new product is not just obtaining great results, but also to fully respect the skin and to fully respect the planet. The way we follow in order to get at same time all targets is a unique, patient and carefully made production cycle system. We can guarantee the high quality standard of our products since we care every step of the production cycle. Each step of our organic production cycle is certified by Ecocert, an important certification that guarantees the company's quality as well as the products one.

From all of the active ingredients we use to produce EASY MASK, we're able to directly produce organic Aloe Vera extract and organic Wheat Germ oil, starting from our own organic farming. This is a very important quality point, since no company worldwide is today able to follow the complete production cycle. In this way we can really guarantee our products quality, starting form the beginning.

A very important thing in this part is the very patient way we extract the PURE GEL from Aloe Vera leaves:

  • Careful picking and washing of the Aloe Vera leaves.
  • Cutting of the Aloe Vera leaves extremities, to eliminate the Aloine.
  • Cold extraction by hand cutting of Aloe Vera Gel, within 2 hours from leaves picking.
  • The Aloe Vera Gel we produce is for our exclusive cosmetic production.

In this way only we can guarantee the unique and powerful action of the Aloe Vera PURE gel, and either to its softening and smoothing action onto the skin, our Aloe Vera extract is very important into the EASY MASK's final action because it helps the skin to realize the very quick and strong lifting action, by increasing its balance and helping to avoid any skin aggression. At the end, after a great lifting action, the most important result we got is: A SAFE PRODUCT !!!

Certified Organic WHEAT GERM OIL
Another important step is the way we extract Wheat Germ Oil, coming from our organic wheat farming:

  • It is important to say that, in order to produce 1 Kg of PURE Wheat Germ oil, we need around 190 Kgs of wheat, and its production process is very long and patient (around 10 days).
  • he complete Wheat Germ Oil production cycle is made in a complete absence of light, in this way it starts the important enzymatic process that increases the concentration of all the most important Vitamins in it.
  • In poor words we put all wheat seeds into water for 3-4 days, in total absence of light. After that we throw away the water and leave all seeds covered with humid wadding for 3-4 days more.
  • Thanks to the natural enzymatic process, all of the important elements (included Vit. E) will be increased and concentrated into the germ only. So the 100% of all elements will be concentrated into the smaller part of the seed: the germ.
  • When the germ reaches a size of around 2 cm we cut all germs and we make a cold pressure process.

Of course this system is very expensive because it needs a lot of handwork, but it is the only way to get such incredible results !!!

The very high concentration of Vitamins E, A and D, Proteins and Fatty Acids give to our Wheat Germ Oil a very important part into EASY MASK final action, strongly increasing the skin elasticity and skin moisturization.

Once we care of the raw material certified farming and extraction steps, we run into EASY MASK laboratory production cycle.

It is important to say that in the EASY MASK compound we have some water based ingredient (Aloe Vera, Jaluronic acid, Hibiscus seed flower) and some oil based ingredient (Wheat Germ oil, Argan oil).

Once we have found and created these incredible active ingredients, the most important part is to preserve their action during the production cycle. And this is the part making the difference, since the most common (either the most economic) production cycles dramatically reduce and destroy the power of the active ingredients for many reasons, as:

A) Production temperature at 80-85° C Result: destruction of most of the active ingredients
B) Use of very aggressive solvent agents and preservatives in order to reduce production costs
Result: damage of the active ingredients and very high skin aggression

The last and most important secret of our production cycle is the way we mix together all of our active ingredients: Aloe Vera, Argan oil, Jaluronic Acid, Hibiscus flower seed extract, Wheat Germ oil.

We mix them all together following a specific order, leaving them becoming a unique raw material within 2-3 weeks. This production system is a very "old and traditional one", well known as "COLD MACERATION", and gives us the chance to mix all the elements together, without using any chemical solvent and making the production at low temperature (COLD PROCESS). In this way we save the full action of all active ingredients, producing a very high quality product and respecting the skin.

With our production cycle system we save the 100% of the active ingredients action!!

Easy Mask: The Action

Wrinkles and Skin Aging
There are 2 main mechanisms in wrinkles formation:

  1. biological (cells ageing and oxidation...)
  2. mechanical, when face muscles are involved. Facial muscles are responsible for the formation of dynamic wrinkles: horizontal and vertical frown lines across the forehead, crow’s feet around the eyes and "nose-labial" lines around the mouth.

As long as biological ageing mechanisms have not altered the skin's mechanical properties, these lines are reversible and the skin recovers a smooth appearance when facial muscles relax. But when biological and mechanical factors are combined, the skin loses its elasticity and its ability to return to its initial state, prior to muscle contraction. The dynamic wrinkles become permanent, generating "expression lines" and starting skin ageing effect

In the cosmetic dermatology it’s possible to erase these dynamic wrinkles by inhibiting facial muscles contraction through the use of Botox® injections.

EASY MASK is a gentle INNOVATIVE and ALTERNATIVE system at this kind of drastic procedure , with a targeted and certified activity against expression lines and skin ageing processes.

EASY MASK: The Action...The system... !!
The result we obtained with EASY MASK is a natural consequence of all of the above mentioned steps, which give us the possibility to have the 100% of availability of the active ingredients power.

Once we got the full power of the compound, it’s now time to understand how the ingredients are working on the skin, and why it is possible to get such great results thanks to the EASY MASK application system.

Thanks to the EASY MASK ingredients it is possible to get the following cosmetic actions (see attached technical information):

Thanks to the above mentioned ingredients the skin has a very important elasticity increase, with a very strong and visible lifting action.


Thanks to Hibiscus Flower seeds extract it is possible to get an incredible filler action that will visibly reduce the wrinkles volume.

Thanks to Aloe Vera extract we provide the skin with the right balance, in order to support the very quick and strong lifting and Anti-Ageing action of all of the above mentioned ingredients, increasing at same time the balance and power of the skin. Thanks to PURE Aloe Vera gel the skin won’t have any “bad reaction” during the EASY MASK treatment, and it will furthermore reach extraordinary results in terms of smoothness and brightness.

When we talk about EASY MASK we’re talking about a PURE and CONCENTRATE product made with very high quality active ingredients. In order to give the skin the chance to absorb these ingredients, the better and most common way is to dilute them into a cream. But this is very common and in this way we only reach the external part of the skin.

The power of the EASY MASK System
Last but not least, is the very innovative system we created in order to help the skin absorb the most possible part of the EASY MASK extracts, and to let them being absorbed as deepest as possible into the skin. The system is a pressed mask made of TNT, that has to be moistened with the organic extracts and put onto the face for 10-15 minutes.

In this way we “force” with delicacy the skin resistance and let the extracts being absorbed very deeply, realizing therefore a very important Anti-Ageing action, not only onto the skin but even (better) into the skin.

This system is the final touch that allows to the EASY MASK treatment to obtain such great results, in a very EASY and QUICK way!!!

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