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See the latest reviews on Organic Natural Beauty's premium line of Naturalis and N&B Aloe Vera & Olive Oil line of Skincare products.


"Natural is Better".



Organic Natural Beauty & N&B are official ET Canada Party Gift Bag Sponsors for the Toronto International Film Festival - Sept 11, 2012




HARPER'S BAZAAR - DOME Euphoric Happy Cream - The Happy Cream that ceates the emotion skin deep - as seen in the Harper's Bazaar Issue - July '12



Organic and Soothing: Naturalis Easy Cream Organic Anti-Aging Cream Review  by Nicki Zevola, Editor - - March 9, 2012

 Aloe organic moisturizer, Night organic moisturizer

A couple of months ago, a representative from Organic Natural Beauty sent me samples of some of their Naturalis line.  Certified organic, the products are declared 99.6% organic and contain no phthalates, sulfates, or other harsh ingredients.  Instead, the line is replete with components like all-organic aloe vera, argan oil, and shea butter. ... 




Romy Raves - 2012 Valentines Day Guide - February 8, 2012

With Love: My Valentine’s Day 2012 Gift Guide

Dome Euphoric Body Perfume ($34.95)

The DOME Euphoric Body Line is imported from Italy, made of high quality natural ingredients and designed  to tap into your senses and evoke feelings of happiness and pleasure. I like the sexy smell that makes me smile when I use this cream and how it instantly penetrates into your skin. Wanna get your sexy on this Valentine’s Day? Take this body perfume for a spin and see what happens :-)  



Ethical Bella's Review of the N&B Dreamcare Pillow Insert - Posted February 21, 2012


Dry and sensitive skin adore organic and natural products like these! To rejuvenate at night, I also love the aloe vera Dream Carepad you put into your pillow. 


The Truth in Aging - Easy Mask & Easy Cream Review
Denise M - Posted January 28, 2012

After my 10 minutes was up, I took off the mask, without having to rinse it off with water, and looked in the mirror and WOW, it was AMAZING!.......

Naturalis Organic Easy Cream- reader reviewed and recommended Reviewed by Nina

Posted December 18, 2011 by Reader

ETHICALBELLA BEAUTY: Best Travel Kits for Skin & Hair

See the latest Green profile on Organic Natural Beauty at

Posted Oct. 1, 2011 | Author: Organic Soul

ETHICALBELLA BEAUTY: Better Than Botox, Naturally!

Review: Organic Natural Beauty – Making Your Summer a Bit Cooler!
by Tina B in Beauty, Reviews Tags: beauty, moisturizer, pedicure, review, skincare

After a day of fun in the sun, it’s always nice to shower and cool down. I’ve been sampling some lovely items from Organic Natural Beauty* of Italy that will do just that!

Some info from the company:

Organic Natural Beauty Anti Aging Gel Review with Giveaway

I was fortunate to receive a big goodie bag of Aloe Vera and Olive Oil based Skin and Body Care from the great folks at Organic Natural Beauty a few weeks ago. I wrote a review on their Naturalis Anti Aging Easy Mask last week that you can read again, if you would like. I get to talk to you today about another one of their super products.....

Product Review | Naturalis Organic Natural Beauty Easy Mask

June 25th, 2011 | Author: Chris

I received some really fun skincare items in the mail the other day. These are from a company that carries all natural Certified Organic Skincare products from Italy by a company called Naturalis and sold in the US and Canada under the name Organic Natural Beauty.

I am always interested in skincare items that come from Europe because they are so much more ahead of us in terms of ingredients that fight anti aging and anti wrinkles. These products are right in line with that by creating Aloe Vera & Olive Oil natural skincare.....

Zwap Review of Organic Natural Beauty, June 21, 2011

ALOE VERA & OLIVE OIL SHOWER GEL - Loved the shower gel! It has a very clean, light scent and became nice and sudsy on my body when using a bath sponge. It left me feeling very clean and left no residue on my skin. (RECOMMEND)

Zwap Review of Organic Natural Beauty, June 6, 2011

I was recently contacted by the owners of Organic Natural Beauty asking me if I would be willing to review their line of products. One look at the ONB website and I jumped at this opportunity! All products offered on the ONB site are "made in Italy premium organic natural beauty, health and homecare products" that are made from ingredients that come from the Puglia region of Southern Italy. Organic Natural Beauty products contain aloe vera, hibiscus seeds, argan oils and other environmentally friendly natural products.

What did I like about Organic Natural Beauty products before I had even tried them out? I love that they are NOT tested on animals (and those who know me well, know I'm a huge animal lover). I also like that they are recommended for sensitive skin. I also love their written committment - take a moment to read it. This is where I read that they actually list on their website the ingredients used in all of their products. I feel good about using products from a company that doesn't try to conceal what is contained in their products. Organic Natural Beauty offers free shipping on orders over $75. They have a Lowest Price Guarantee, and currently have some attractive Father's Day Baskets available to order. All ONB products come in very attractive packaging.

Organic Natural Beauty sent me 11 different products to review. I was in beauty product heaven!! My overall impression of ONB products is that they are high quality, luxurious, beautifully scented products that feel wonderful on my skin. I reviewed the following products:

ALOE VERA & OLIVE OIL HAND CREAM - I'm one of the lucky few who don't tend to get dry hands so I don't often require hand cream. However, after working in the yard this past long weekend, I was in need of some. This aloe vera hand cream felt wonderful on my hands and did a great job at moisturizing them. The hand cream absorbs very well and was not greasy. Again, LOVE the scent! So clean and fresh smelling! (RECOMMEND)


Zwap's Review of Organic Natural Beauty, May 26, 2011


Discussion in 'ZWAP MEMBER REVIEWS AND GIVEAWAYS!' started by Handler, May 15, 2011.
ALOE VERA & OLIVE OIL HAND CLEAN - This is NOT your typical hand sanitizer! It is alcohol-free, has a great scent, and leaves your hands feeling clean without any sticky residue. It has an attractive light blue tint. It dried very quickly in my hands. (RECOMMEND)

Organic Soul's Review, May 15, 2011

Written by Organic Soul on May 15, 2011

The founders of Organic Natural Beauty strongly believe that natural is better. They work hard cultivating the highest quality ingredients from the Mediterranean to create healing and soothing products. I have tried and continue to use an array of products from Organic Natural Beauty that I have found to be extraordinary and beneficial in their own ways.

Before bed I had a bit of sunburn on my shoulders so I decided to use the Aloe Vera & Olive Oil Gel, I awoke with reduced redness and my skin was softer in the places I had put the gel. The other product I’ve been using at night is the Aloe Vera & Olive Oil Dream Care Sheet, which I slipped right into my pillowcase. Overpowering on its own, once the Dream Care Sheet is in the pillowcase it is both comforting and relaxing. The aromatherapy effects are supposed to last up to three weeks. I felt more at ease as I laid my head onto the pillow and breathed deeply the scent of fruit extracts and eucalyptus leaves. The thin sheet instantly opened my sinuses. I think this product would work wonders for congestion or stuffiness from allergies.....

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