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I’ve had Botox injections in the past and was searching for a natural alternative. A Google search yielded the Easy Mask, and I was anxious to try it. I ordered it and received the product within just a few days.  
So, I opened the product, reviewed the instructional video, and left the mask on for about 20 minutes.  It “tingled” nicely and smelled divine! After the wait time, I rinsed it off and applied the Easy Cream, then waited and applied my makeup.
Initially, I didn’t see much result. However, the next day I was plumped and glowing! What a thrill for this 45-year-old!   Very nice product, highly recommended. 

JR, Halifax, MA

 Hello, I am writing today to thank you for the most amazing beauty products I have ever used! I have extremely sensitive skin and have been searching for a natural, organic product that would not irritate my skin and would actually work! Well, YOUR PRODUCTS are the only beauty products that I have ever used that actually work and don't irritate my skin! THANK YOU!!! Your products are a true blessing for those of us with extremely sensitive skin.  When I used the aloe vera shower gel, the smell was heavenly and it left my skin feeling fresh, clean and alive!

The anti-aging gel is truly a miracle for me....I have never been able to use any products on my face without breaking out or suffering from reddness and irritation but the Aloe Vera and Olive Oil anti-aging gel feels so soothing and cool and gives my face a fresh, lifted look.  The body lotion is wonderful as well and the absolute, to-die-for favourite is the face-mask!! I was skeptical before I first used the mask, because every single product I have used before has bothered my skin and left it red and irritated.  But then I tried your mask, and I was absolutely amazed with the results! It's like botox in a box!! My skin felt fresh, clean and new! The skin around my eyes, mouth,lips, nose and chin was visibly lifted and my husband actually commented on how great I looked! I don't know what magic you used to create such incredible products, but please keep doing it! I am a loyal and dedicated consumer for life! THANK YOU!

JB, King City, ON

The Naturalis Easy Mask really works. In only a few uses the crows feet are gone and my skin is so fresh and feels so much softer. I also noted that it exfoliates my skin and it is like natural botox in a box. This is a seriously great product.

D.W., Edmonton, AB

All your products are truly amazing!  I am enjoying the Naturalis line of Easy Cream Anti-wrinkle cream and Easy Serum Elixir.  I have been using these products exclusively for 6 months now and my skin looks fresh and bright every morning.  I do not feel the need to use a separate eye cream.  The facial moisturizer is enough to erase the dark circles and puffiness under my eyes.  The serum is like liquid gold.  It seems to instantly fill in any slight wrinkles and I feel my skin immediately tightening.  The effects of the serum last until the next day and I do not have to re-apply it the next morning.  It is great to know that I am putting something natural and pure on my skin.

C. A., Stouffville, ON

I received my order today! As soon as I opened the package I could smell everything, I instantly fell in love!

A.M., Belleville, ON

Hello, thank you very much for your excellent products. I received the package and I immediately used them. They are the best quality especially the N&B Anti Aging Gel, the Day Night Cream & the Easy Cream Anti Aging moisturizer. I advised people looking for organic products to visit Organic Natural Beauty. Thanks so much for the nice customer service which gave me the best service. All of the best success for you and your business.

N.A., Toronto, ON

Dear Customer Care:

I received my package and the products look awesome. I immediately tried the Hand Clean hand sanitizer and loved it. I love the scent, it feels so nice on the hands and it's ALCOHOL free!! Great stuff.

S. A., Gatineau, QC

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